Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All By Myself...

If you've ever read this blog you are well aware that Saucer has four great hockey loves lusts. Semyon Varlamov, Danny Briere, Patrick Kane, and Mike Richards.

A little part of Saucer died when Varly didn't return from Russia and decided to play with the Lokomotiv during the lockout. But it was understandable, it made sense. I didn't feel too betrayed.

So yeah, maybe there were tears, maybe there was whining but overall I survived. After all, my other 3 favorite boys were still on the continent.

Then Danny left. Maybe I hid in a dark room and rocked back and forth for a few days. But at least he was with Claude.

Of course there has been talk about Patrick Kane going to play in Europe but I kept hearing that he was hoping to play with Toews, and fuck if I don't love that bromance, so I wasn't too upset about it. And then, earlier today, Patrick Kane broke my heart.

WTF Patrick? Running to Tyler?? You are supposed to go with Johnny! What are you doing? Haven't you been paying attention at all? Danny & Claude set such a good example for you. What is your problem??? Won't you miss this?? 

Tazer + Kaner > Segs + Kaner

So only one of Saucer's best boys is still around. The ever handsome Mike Richards has been practicing with some of the Jets. Stay there Richie, stay there! Please do not go to Europe!

I blame Tyler Seguin for all of my heartbreak and all I have to say is Tyler, stay away from Richie, stay far, far away!

Kisses, Tears, and Sniffles!
~ Saucer

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