Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tyler Seguin - Boston Bruins

In preparation for the upcoming season I am going to feature one player from every team in the NHL. Goalies are excluded because they’re interesting enough to garner a feature of their own so look forward to that as round 2.

#19 Tyler Seguin– Boston Bruins – Center

The Past

As I put this post together I have to keep reminding myself “He’s only 20 years old Saucer, he’s only 20 years old,” because god damn, Tyler Seguin is hot.
Seguin is from Ontario and played in the OHL before going #2 in the 2010 draft to Boston. 2010 definitely brought the hottest 1-2-3 punch that the draft has seen in…well… probably forever.

Yup, that is our boy Tyler on the right with sexy Erik Gudbranson and Taylor Hall. Tyler might have gone #2 to Hall’s #1 pick but I think the world would agree Seguin got the better end of the deal since the Bruins won the cup Seguin’s rookie season. That is a hell of a lot sweeter than going #1 in the draft. But then again Hall gets to live with Eberle and I might choose that over the Stanley Cup, but I digress.

The Love
Seguin was so freaking cute as a little 18 year old (ugh, that was just two years ago). And you know I can’t pass up an opportunity to throw in a Patrick Kane video so here is youngin’ Seguin with mullet-head Kaner.

I don’t know what I like better, Seguin crushing on Kane or the creepy/cocky expression on Kaner’s face at the end. Both are fucking magical.
There are a lot of reasons to love Seguin and the fact that there are so many shirtless pictures of him on the internet is one of those reasons. As expected, the Boston boys went pretty crazy following the Cup win and Seguin managed to party all over the city, consuming alcohol like he was legal and taking his clothes off at every opportunity. Thank you to the hockey gods for this beautiful gift.

Yeah, that’s our boy on the right and he was only 19 in this picture. I’m sorry but when I was 19 years old none of the boys I knew looked like that. Fuck my life.

Oh yeah, maybe I should also mention that Seguin is a really freaking good hockey player. It wasn’t a fluke that he was drafted #2 overall. Last season he led the Bruins in scoring and remember, he’s only 20 years old.
Check out the video below, these stupid NHL videos always make me sappy, and I always complain about them, but I just can’t stop myself from posting.

The Hate
Um, nothing. Well, he plays for Boston which is a bit of a bummer. But remember, he looks like this with his shirt off and for that I can forgive almost anything.

Let’s Get Scrappy
Tyler hasn’t been in an NHL fight. With most players I would chrip on that a bit but when it comes to Seguin this makes me happy. I don’t want that pretty face to get messed up so please Tyler, no fighting! Since we don’t have any fight videos let’s take a look at another half naked picture instead.

Feed the Inner Fangirl/Fanboy 
Nobody does “bromance” quiet like Tyler Seguin. He has more internet boyfriends than Dateline and he is proud to showcase it all on Twitter. Seriously, if you aren’t following him you are missing out. Let’s take a look at some of the delightful tweets he has thrown our way in the past couple months.

Notice the little girls who try to invite themselves along? So cute. I’m pretty sure every tweet Tyler throws out is immediately retweeted a few hundred times and about 50 girls reply professing their love for him.

Yeah, he is really that cute, and apparently that sleepy. Hey Tyler, you can come over here for a nap anytime...
Those are just a few of my recent favorites but he throws out at least one bromance related gem a week, so give him a follow - @TylerSeguin92 – and in case you were wondering  92 is his birth year. Thanks Tyler for reminding me that you are only 20 and I’m officially a creep for lusting after you.

Let’s Mix in Some Swords
So Beddee believes Seguin would be a young Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones. He is sexy, charismatic, and knows how to use a stick (yes, I went there). I really can’t disagree with her, especially since I think Seguin would be banging Cersei in that world. They would be a hot mess together and it would be some incredibly enjoyable television.

I leave you all with a gift, one more shirtless Tyler Seguin photo. Thank god for the internet and Tyler Seguin’s abs.

~ Saucer

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