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TJ Oshie - St. Louis Blues

In preparation for the upcoming season I am going to feature one player from every team in the NHL. Goalies are excluded because they’re interesting enough to garner a feature of their own so look forward to that as round 2.

#74 TJ Oshie – St. Louis Blues – Right Wing


The Past
It’s no secret I love the Fighting Sioux but TJ Oshie is probably my all time favorite former player. He was born in Washington and moved to Minnesota in high school before rocking the green jersey for UND. He was drafted 24th overall by St. Louis in 2005 and was cute as a freakin button. Unfortunately I can’t find a single pic from his draft, which makes zero sense because he went in the first round and it wasn’t that long ago, but luckily I found this adorable picture from his days at UND.  He looks to be about 18 so I’m totally counting it.

He played three years in North Dakota before moving into the NHL with the St. Louis Blues. Check out the video below for some highlights – including some nice UND moments.


The Love
Well, since I love practically everything about TJ Oshie this was pretty easy to write. Now that I live in the land of the Stars I plan to rock Sioux gear every time I see him play. Yeah, I’m pretty much the worst Stars season ticket holder ever. I’m not in Denver anymore so no holding back!!!  

He tweets pretty frequently and never acts like a douche which is another bonus. Give him follow - @OSH74.
For some reason I’ve always thought of Oshie as a kid. He’s a beast on the ice but in my head he’s still the cherub faced little guy playing for the Sioux. Then I stumbled across the picture below. Oshie isn’t a little boy anymore and he looks really freakin good.

The Hate
Nothing, absolutely nothing. OK, I wish he played for the Avs or the Flyers and I wish he had never tried to copy Jeff Carter’s hair – that is just weird.

Let’s Get Scrappy
TJ has only been in one fight in the NHL. Although I would call Ryan Wilson the winner of the fight below, Oshie gets in some really good hits and definitely does not embarrass himself. After watching this I wonder why he doesn’t fight more, he held his own and got the fans seriously riled up!

Feed the Inner Fangirl/Fanboy 
Oh how I crush on TJ Oshie. He’s American, a complete baller on the ice, and apparently the only person on the planet (other than Kaner) who can get Jonathan Toews to relax. In fact, Oshie can really get Toews to tear it up, proven by their arrest for underage drinking in a Grand Forks, ND bar. This is especially hilarious to me because I grew up in North Dakota and minors in a bar are (or at least were) as common as a Tyler Seguin bromance so those boys must have been pretty out of control to get busted.

Check out these fan-fucking-tastic pictures of Oshie & Toews . Yup, Oshie knows how to get Tazer to let loose and I love it.

So cute...but nothing tops the pic below.

Because of his friendship with Toews poor Oshie also ends up being thrown into a lot of Kane/Toews fanfiction, which I think is absolutely hilarious. A lot of Kane/Toews shippers hate him, calling him Broshie and making him out to be a villain. But don’t worry TJ, I only ship You + Me and it’s freakin hot.

Let’s Mix in Some Swords
Dear TJ Oshie, please forgive me for this, but I agree with Beddee that you would be Brienne of Tarth. Brienne is an awesome warrior and TJ is a badass hockey player. Brienne loves Renly and Loras hates her. Well….there is no question to me that Toews would be Renly and Kane would be Loras so considering the vast amount of fanfiction out there in which Oshie is in love with Toews and Kane hates him, well…it just fits.

But by far the most convincing argument is the hair. Yup, she wants to look like Jeff Carter too!!


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