Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 Swords and Sticks NHL Awards Voting

Sorry kids, I know it took forever for these to get posted. The finals, the draft, the obsessive dreaming about Danny Briere or Vinny Lecavalier possibly coming to Dallas...yeah, I've been really, really busy...

But finally, voting is open for the 2013 Swords and Sticks NHL Awards! Vote often & tell your friends! Voting closes at 6pm on 7/12/13. For details on the nominees click here

  The Ned Stark Award: Most Missed in 2013
The Bran Stark Awards : Hottest Rookie

The Tyrion Lannister Award: Hottest Defenseman

The Arya Stark Award: Hottest Forward

The Drogon the Dragon Award: Hottest Goalie

The King Joffrey Award: Dirtiest Player

The Robb Stark Award: Worst Injury

The Jamie/Brienne vs the Bear Award: Best Fight

The Theon Greyjoy Award: Hottest Player on a Team You Hate

The Jamie Lannister Award: Player You’d Most Like to Punch in the Face and Then Make Out With 

The Loras Tyrell Award: Best Flow

The Margaery Tyrell Award: Best Playoff Beard

The Olyvar the Squire Award: Best Ass

The John Snow Award: Best Abs

The Daenerys Targaryen... Best Nickname

The Renly & Loras Award: Best Bromance

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