Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hawks Win!!

So yeah, voting was supposed to start for the 2013 Swords and Stick NHL Awards on Friday but I was way too distracted with the finals. So...voting will start this Friday, June 28. Apologies for the delay.

But let's talk about what is important. First, Hawks win!!!! WOO HOO!!! Second, light-of-my-life, Patrick Kane, won the Conn Smythe!!! WOO HOO!!!!

Ok, moving on. Who do you think the Avs will take for their number one pick?? I'm still expecting a last minute trade - I think to Vancouver - for Alex Burrows and a pick. What? That is only in my dreams and completely unrealistic? Oh, OK then, never mind. How about those Hawks??



  1. Picture two:
    ok where's the tongue?

    1. Right??? They were drunk, staring hungrily at one another's mouths... fuck, this is starting to sound like fic

      ~ Saucer