Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Saucer's Week in Review

I know I've been MIA the past week, my apologies. So let's do a quick recap of all the things Saucer has obsessed over during the past seven days.

  • Ryan O'Reilly's dad wrote an email to the Denver post. Ryan apologized. It was awkward. I want to give Radar a hug and let him know that even though I'm pissed at him now I apparently cannot hold a grudge -- this lockout proved that point -- so I'll still love him no matter where he ends up.
  • This happened last Thursday night and I maybe have a crush on Alex Burrows now. 

  • Simone Gagne is a Flyer again!!! 
  • Kevin Bieksa gave my kid a puck during warm-ups at the Canucks @ Stars game. She was wearing a signed Modano jersey and he still stopped to give her a puck. #classact
  • David Booth broke the boards during the same warm-ups and the busted part of the wall was directly in front of my legs. Pics or it didn't happen, right?  Well here you go. And yes, I was watching warm-ups from the penalty box and it was AWESOME. 

  • This fight happened. I screamed so loudly I completely lost my voice. 

  • Today the Stars traded Michael Ryder for Erik Cole. This seems like a bad deal for the Stars. Prove me wrong Cole.
  • I like the proposed NHL realignment. I know a lot of people are annoyed but I think it will be good. It's ridiculous that people are worried about rivalries ending. I'll still hate the Red Wings no matter what division they are in.
  • Kaner is still playing like a complete baller. And if Saucer gets one more Patrick Kane trade request in her fantasy league she is going to freak the fuck out. He's not going anywhere people, he's mine!
  • Speaking of Kaner, he still doesn't look very happy. This blog may have to stage a Kaner happiness intervention if he doesn't get his shit in line. Step up Tazer, this is supposed to be your job.
  • And I must end with a plea to my greatest hockey love, Semyon Varlamov. Varly, I know you aren't getting any help out there and you're standing on your freakin head to stop goals. Please don't give up. We love you. We want you to stay. The team will get better (eventually). 


  1. Once again you've read my mind. Poor Varly keeps getting hung out to dry and I'm with you, I hope he doesn't get so frustrated that he gives up and doesn't re-sign when it's time. :( We desperately need Johnson and Wilson back!

    And Radar....Well he's back and I'm totally willing to forgive and forget if he comes back like the beast I know he is. He's like that bad boyfriend that you'll always have a thing for and can't quite get over. I should be angry over his shenanigans, but I do love to watch him play. ;)

    - mizzougirl3

    1. I'm glad Radar's back too. But I think this might be a big intro to Captaincy for Landy because rumor has it not all of the team is happy to have him back!