Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Very Saucer Valentine's Day

Saucer would like to wish a very Happy Valentine’s Day to her favorite boys

 (Thanks to @avprncess for the practically pornographic photo)

Semyon Varlamov: Oh Varly, I really hope the reason you aren’t starting tonight is because you are flying out to Dallas to cook a nice Valentine’s Day dinner for me.  You make the dinner; I’ll cover dessert – oooh, la la!

 (I can't believe I'm saying this but I miss that mouthguard)

Patrick Kane: Patrick, since you don’t have a game until tomorrow I expect you to help Varly with the dishes. That can be your contribution to the Saucer Valentine’s Day dinner extravaganza!

Mike Richards: Ok Richie, you get a bye. You have a confirmed real life girlfriend + Carts to take care of so you can go ahead and celebrate with them. But you could still send flowers…hint, hint…

Danny Briere: Well, what do you know? Danny doesn’t have a game either! My heels (which are adorbs) are killing me so you are in charge of the foot massage.

And my gift to all my favorite boys? The gift of Saucer’s adoration should be the only gift you need.


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