Monday, February 11, 2013

Kaner, Kaner I Believe!

Saucer made the trek from Texas to Arizona to check out the Blackhawks @ Coyotes last week. Sorry, we would have posted these sooner but she was too busy hitting up flea markets with the oldies to bother to upload her pictures.

Anyway, the game was awesome - Kaner was a freakin BEAST (swoon!) and the Coyotes seriously sucked ass. Saucer even made it on TV.  Yup, Saucer was rockin a #88 jersey on national television, desperately clutching her camera like the Kaner-crazed-weirdo we know she is.

Jonny Toews was looking quite grumpy through most of the game - and so was Kaner. Saucer is getting really sick of this new Patrick Kane grumpiness. But then again, maybe whatever is causing the grumpiness is what has triggered Kaner the Great and I sure as hell don't want that point streak to let up.

Could he be any cuter??


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