Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thank God It's Finally Over!

Yes folks, I know you've all read about 10 billion tweets about this already, but the lockout is finally over. Thank freakin God. Now I'll be anxiously awaiting the release of the schedule so I can find out how many times my beloved teams will be playing here in the home of the Stars.

Of course, in true Saucer fashion, the way I found out the lockout ended was just perfect. I was having a dream about Patrick Kane. I know what you're thinking but it wasn't a sex dream, it was much more realistic than that. Saucer was trying to convince Patrick Kane to have sex with her and he wasn't into it. Yes folks, it is true. Even in Saucer's dreams she is pathetic. But anyway, she almost had him convinced when her freakin phone started buzzing. Seriously, what asshole would interrupt an almost-sex dream with Patrick Kane in the early morning hours of a Sunday??? Well, it was Saucer's Blackhawks fan/buddy in Virginia who was texting to ask if the lockout rumors were true. Saucer jumped onto a trustworthy, integrity-filled sports news site (otherwise known as twitter) and it was CONFIRMED!

Remember many months ago when Saucer vowed not to support the NHL anymore? Fuck it, I've already paid for my season tickets. But even if I hadn't...I'm back on board boys. I'm ready for some hockey and still riding high after the USA gold win (fuck, that Alex Galchenyuk is smokin hot) and I've all but forgotten how angry I've been the past few months. So bring it boys - I'm ready for some hockey! And by the looks of it, Kaner is ready to come home.


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