Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Saucer and the Dallas Stars

One of Saucer’s co-workers brought up a valid question today. At what point will Saucer cross over and become a full-fledged, legit Stars fan? Of course my response was NEVER but that was a lie. I already have a history of getting caught up in the excitement of a home crowd --- that is how I became an Avalanche fan. And yes, I screamed my head off for the Stars AHL team when they played the Checkers this year, but cheered against them when they played the Monsters. Then about 10 minutes after that conversation, this happened:

What did Saucer do? She fiercely defended the Stars! Granted, I also really dislike the Cowboys, but I was super proud of the Stars twitter admin’s delightfully snarky reply and felt a sense of pride for my team. Wait, my team??

So what will happen to Saucer? Will she become a Stars fan? Yeah, most likely. After recently moving to Dallas I now have season tickets. It is seriously unlikely that I will attend all home games and not gain a sense of loyalty for the team. Plus Jagr…hello…
Of course I will always cheer for my Avalanche and Flyers first, but I can’t imagine I would cheer against the Stars when they play any other team. So yeah, I guess I’m kind of a Stars fan in-the-making.


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