Monday, December 31, 2012

Oh Segs...

So I've been a little grumpy lately. I'm grumpy about the lockout and that the World Juniors games are seriously cutting into my sleep schedule. I'm grumpy that Canada beat USA and as a result of a bet I made I had to denounce my country on Twitter and pledge allegiance to Canada. I'm grumpy that I can't retweet anything from my beloved Kaner for the next week because I don't want him to think I'm a yeah, things aren't all unicorns and rainbows for Saucer right now.

But wait, are the storm clouds parting? And what is that noise? Angels playing harps while Josh Groban sings? Nope, it's that Bruins beauty, and Saucer favorite, Tyler Seguin basically outing himself as a hockey fan fiction reader on twitter and replacing all of the negativity I've been feeling with pure delight.

I wouldn't normally post something on here which contained a direct link to a fan fiction site - not because I think our readers would be freaked out but because I think a lot of authors would be upset if the people they write about actually saw their stuff. But..since Segs tweeted it and he has 8 billion followers I'm OK with the screenshot. Plus the link isn't directly to a fic but to a page which definitely contains a lot of fic (and damn good fic I might add).
So what is so hilarious about this? order for Segs to find this he was likely either googling his name (I google 'Saucer' all the time so no judgement there) or he was out there reading fic and stumbled across this. God help me I want Tyler Seguin to be a reader of hockey fic more than you can ever imagine so I'm going with the latter. But also because he's been such a passive aggressive bitch with Tyler Brown lately and this tweet was the icing on the cake. Whenever Tyler posts something about his girlfriend Segs quickly replies with a joking comment (is it really joking, Segs) and then usually posts something Kaner related within a day or two. We get it Segs, you miss Tyler. You are trying to make him jealous. But Segs, everybody knows Kaner is taken so if you need to make Tyler jealous Saucer is wiling to take one for the team and be your fake, online girlfriend. I know, I know, it's a major sacrifice for me to make but I'm classy like that and it's the least I can do. #callmemaybe

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