Monday, January 21, 2013

Recap of Weekend One

It is oh-so-good to have the NHL back! Here are Saucer's weekend highlights:
  • Managed to snag three Stars autographs - Fiddler, Roussel, and JAGR!!!! And yeah, totally told Jagr she is happy to have him in Dallas but as a Flyers fan misses him in Philly. His response? A huge smile!
  • Screamed her head off during the Stars win over the Coyotes. Also completely forgot Biz played for Phoenix. Really didn't notice him on the ice once after pre-game stretches. 
  • Has reminded everybody over and over how they said she shouldn't draft Kaner on her fantasy team - suck it jerks!!
  • Grumbled pretty much non-stop about the Avs and Flyers losses - get your shit together boys!
  • Is ridiculously annoyed that O'Reilly is still not signed. Hurry the fuck up!
  • Has missed Tyler Seguin's tweets this week. I'm glad he's busy but he was much more entertaining during the lockout.
  • Feels very undecided about Giroux's flow.
  • Maybe cried a little when I read the story about Kaner and Tazer no longer rooming together. Don't judge me, in my head they are the perfect little couple.

So looking to the week ahead, Saucer is trying really hard not to fall into crazy fan-girl mode but her beloved Patrick Kane will be playing the Stars, here in Dallas, on Thursday. If you are watching the game keep your eye out for the delusional looking girl pressed up against the glass with #88's shining in her eyes. Yeah, that will be Saucer.

And it's a Sioux-double-bonus week with Toews and Oshie both playing in Dallas. Love ya boys, won't cheer for you, but I love ya! Go Sioux!


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