Friday, January 25, 2013

Patrick Kane and Jedi Mind Tricks

So let’s talk about last night. It’s important to note that while Saucer does love Patrick Kane above all others, she likes the Stars infinitely better than the Blackahwks. So yes, she was in Stars gear screaming her head off for the Dallas boys while internally trying to Jedi-mind-trick Kaner into looking up at her and just giving one little smile – freakin Jedi-mind-trick never works!
Light-of-my-life, Kari Lehtonen, was an absolute beast. The rest of the Stars didn’t do much. Well, except for Ray Whitney melting my heart with his HUGE post-goal smiles which are still there long after he’s back on the bench. For somebody who I thought I would always hate, Ray Whitney is quickly becoming a favorite. God, what is happening to me? How am I becoming a Stars fan? Am I really so fickle? Well, apparently so…
The crowd was engaged, the game was awesome, and then they announced Jamie Benn signed his contract (finally). We all cheered, we all screamed…and then the Stars must have decided they didn’t need to play anymore because everything went way downhill. The Hawks tied the game and in OT my beautiful Kaner had the filthiest assist to Hossa and the Hawks won. Kaner threw himself at Saucer Hossa, and that was it.
But what was the highlight of my night? Kari’s amazing game? Being just a few feet from Kaner? The Jamie Benn announcement? Nope…the Stars had an absolutely hilarious video all about Kaner’s mullet which they played during a TV timeout. He was aimlessly skating around the ice and didn’t even notice until they said something about scoring the Stanley Cup winning goal. He was right in front of Saucer at that point and his cute little head shot up and looked at the screen which was covered with a picture of his mullet-head. He quickly looked down but I was close enough to see a tiny smile. Love ya Kaner.


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