Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Still Love Ya Segs

Holy crap people need to stop being such freakin weirdos over the Tyler Seguin tweet from the other day. OK, he took it down and yes I’m sure a lot of people saw it before he did. But seriously, if you are going to proposition anybody on the internet, not just a smoking hot hockey player, you should expect that others are going to see it. Learn your lesson kiddos, don’t send creepy emails and don’t send nekked pics. Anything you send via text, email, facebook, twitter, etc should be something you are comfortable with your grandma viewing. Nothing is private!

OK, so it was kind of an asshole move to post the messages without blurring the dude’s name. Not cool Segs. But let’s not turn this into something it isn’t. I don’t think Segs was posting it because it was a guy, I would guess he would post the same type of message from a girl. It sounded a little wacky and he didn’t know what to say. Which is exactly what he said, right? In the words of Tyler Seguin “IDK what to say”. OK, nothing homophobic, nothing offensive about that. So quit freakin calling him names, making stuff up, and trying to turn this into something it isn’t.

Don’t worry kiddo, Saucer’s got your back!


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