Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Patrick Kane!

Twenty-four years ago today Saucer was a wee girl in a small North Dakota town, most likely trading Garbage Pail Kids with her friends and listening to her favorite Debbie Gibson tape, when the ever delightful Patrick Kane was born. Happy Birthday @88PKane. I celebrate your day by watching YouTube videos of your highlights and making sure every person in my office building is aware of your special day.

We are glad you are playing hockey, and glad you are having fun, but I really hope the lockout ends soon because I don’t think I can take many more pics of you and Segs.

Glassy eyes, open shirts, and seriously, what is Segs doing with that hand? With pics like this all over the internet (thanks to Tyler Seguin’s twitter account)  I expect Jonathan Toews to sign with a Swiss team within the next week. Go get your boy Johnny.


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