Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saucer...aka...The Hawk Whisperer

So, let me tell you a few things that happened tonight. This will include a bit of a reveal, a bit of a confession, and a whole lot of ridiculous.

1. This happened. Disclaimer: I'm not trying to be secretive here, if anybody wants to know my personal twitter account, just email me or DM me on  @swordsandsticks. But I have pictures of my kid on my personal twitter and I'm embarrassing as hell on a good day, so for her mental health (someday she'll be really, really mortified by this site) I think it's better if her picture isn't on here.

In case you weren't watching the time of the goals...see below. Then compare above. Yes, I'm in the Central time zone.

2. And yeah, Patrick scored twice in regulation. Oh wait, I said he looked sexy twice. Hmmm....

3. OK, now for the confession. All of this OT could have been avoided. Well, sigh...this is really awful to admit. But...I stopped watching the game and went and saw the movie Now You See Me. I know, I know! But listen, I have a four year old and I never get to have a date night. Babysitters are a freakin hot commodity here in Tarrant county! Hockey gods, I'm so, so sorry.

4. But then I posted this:

And what the fuck happened??? The always delicious Patrick Kane scored a hatty!!!!

So yes, Saucer really is the Hawk Whisperer. And to make things even crazier, Saucer, the shiny new Chicago Blackhawks good luck charm, will be in Boston June 17 and 18 for work. Coincidence, or do I just want you to think it's a coincidence???? #goseethemovie

~ Saucer

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