Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hawks, Vegas, and Roy

Wow, I don't really know what to say about the game last night. The goal/no-goal fiasco at the end of the third was beyond ridiculous but it's over so I've moved on. But who the hell would have guessed Seabs would score the winning goal and cement himself as a game 7 hero?? I would have thrown down money on Tazer, Kaner, Sharpie, Hossa, Duncs, Saad, Shaw...WOW I guess I would have guessed half the team over Seabs. So thanks for proving me wrong buddy, I won't doubt you again!

So...Saucer already has her tickets to Frozen Fury - September 27 & 28 in Vegas, baby!! Let's talk about this for a moment. This year, two games: Rangers/Kings and Avalanche/Kings. I don't usually get to see much of the Rangers so I welcome the idea of more drooling over King Henrik. Plus bonus for two nights of Richie. But the real reason I'm going is the same  --- Varly!!!

So by now everybody (on this planet at least) is aware that Roy is the new head coach of my Avalanche. Yeah, I don't know what to think. On one hand I'm super excited. I just know he's going to get into a fight, I just KNOW it! I'm just unsure whether it will be with another coach or a player. On the other hand I worry about my sweet Varly. I don't want Roy to turn him into a psycho or break his sweet spirit. But there is one thing I'm certain on:  I will fly to Denver just to see Roy scowl at Brodeur when they play the Devils. FUCK.YEAH. Every team in every arena is amazing and it's just one more thing I love about the realignment.

I'd like to end with this one thought: Patrick Motherfucking Kane, I want to lick the stripes on your mullet.
~ Saucer


  1. I too worry about our precious Varly. I don't know if he's excited (because he's always said Roy was his favorite player growing up) or nervous, because hello, you're playing for a hockey legend (who actually may be insane and is COMPLETELY temperamental). The one thing I'm actually happy about is that Roy mentioned in his press conference that there WILL be a goalie coach (really it's about time and it better be a full time coach!) because he would never expect his goalies to try to be him. I just want Varly to play like himself and all will be well.

    But I do want to see Patrick fight someone because I have issues and love a feisty, crazy Roy. And after living with the emotionless robot that was Sacco I just want to see some level of passion from our head coach. (which really will NEVER be a problem with St. Patrick behind the bench)

    1. So should we take bets on who St. Patrick will fight first?? I wish Torts would end up coaching somewhere in the West. I imagine Roy would hate him.
      I'm trying to stay positive on the Roy/Varlamov dynamic but it does make me nervous. One recent thing that is good/bad - Roy is hiring a goalie coach (good!). But how the fuck did the Avs not previously have a goalie coach (bad!)??

    2. Well we kind of did have one, but he was only part time and quite obviously did not do that stellar of a job since they let him go in the great coaching clean out in April. I know Roy thinks a lot of Jiggy (as Jiggy does of Patty) and even referred to him as Varly's "big brother" but admitted they needed to have a goalie coach to take some of the pressure on Jiggy to mentor Semyon. I know Varly wasn't happy with Sacco (who was though) and honestly the defense in front of him this year was just terrible. I think Patrick will really be all over them to be better for Varly because if anyone knows how important defenseman are to a goalie it's him. There is also a rumor (but God I hope it's true) that Foote will come in to be a part time D coach. Really the possibility of a fight breaking out just got higher if that's indeed the case. :)

      And personally I really like Torts. He's a loose cannon with his comments, but you always knew exactly how he felt. I don't see him being a fit for Vancouver, but what do you think about him in Dallas?

      I'm also in a dilemma about the possibility of us trading our pick, or even who to pick. I'd like to see MacKinnon over Jones, not to mention MacKinnon has said he'd love to play for Roy and Roy knows more about him having seen him play before. I just get kind of excited about the possibility of us getting Weber, but still being able to pick 4th. I don't know I get all kinds of tangled up around Draft time. I'll be a basket case by the actual day.

    3. I would be an excellent goalie coach. No, I don't know a single thing about being a goalie. HOWEVER, I would keep Varly very relaxed...and flexible.
      Foote was one of my all-time favorite players. I cried like a baby at his last game. I would be beyond thrilled for him to be the D coach.
      I like Torts too...usually. I kind of hated the way he treated Vinny Lecavalier. I think he would be hilarious in Dallas and actually a pretty good fit. I don't see him fitting in well in Vancouver either. Seriously - Kesler, Bieksa, and Burrows would be the death of him with their shenanigans.
      As for the pick - it's tough. They need D way more than another center. Plus I love, love, love when Americans go first in the draft. But as ridiculously young as this team is I almost think they should trade the pick. As for Weber, yes please. I would be the first person waiting in line to buy his jersey. And then I would turn this entire blog into an ode to his playoff beard.