Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kesler the Great

Saucer would like to send a huge THANK YOU to our dear friend @Lisapy74 for the great post below on Ryan Kesler. For some reason Saucer can't string coherent sentences together when talking about Ryan Kesler so it was necessary to enlist the help of our Canucks Superfan, Lisa!

So, I've been asked by my great friend Saucer to write about Mr. Ryan Kesler.  I feel like I should be listening to "I'm Sexy and I Know It" while I write this.  What does one say about Kes? Besides the fact that he's hot? Like really hot? Unfairly hot? I've been thinking about that all week, and it's been very distracting! Don't believe me - see for yourself:

Yes, he's on one of my favorite teams, the Vancouver Canucks.  He's an all-American boy.  His hair is always interesting.  He's patented the "Kes bomb" and uses it to crack up his team mates and annoy and humor photographers and interviewers.

He's got great chemistry with his teammates (hello, Burrows and Bieksa, just to name two).  He's willing to put his body on the line and willing to go the distance for his team.  Sure, some may accuse him of being a diver, but nobody can say he lacks heart.  He gives 110% and is the kind of guy who doesn't know the meaning of the word quit.  He tweets with his fans and even posts pics from his high school reunion! And he's great with his kids - if these pictures don't melt your heart, then you're colder than Gary Bettman.


All these things just make me love Kes more.  And his determination to come back from surgeries and injuries is inspiring.  No wonder the man makes me (and Saucer) swoon! He's sexy when he's playing (for the USA!), when he's glaring, when he's fighting, when he's bleeding and dear God, he's heart breaking when he's crying.  Need convincing?

I really hope this stupid lockout ends soon, because I really want to see all my boys back on the ice, but especially Kes.  There's nobody else like him and he definitely has a special place in my heart.  And I'm sure (I know) I'm not the only one.  I'd love to see him play another game in person.  When I had the opportunity to see him play in a game against the 'Canes, it just reinforced my love for him! He's more intimidating, taller, and yes, sexier, in person.  But, most importantly, he's a hell of a player and I want to see him come back stronger than ever and blow everyone's expectations out of the water!
He may be the cause of some interesting twitter conversations, a hell of a chirper (just ask David Backes), and a little hot headed, but I will always love him! He speaks his mind and is not afraid to let everyone know what he thinks and how he feels.  Confidence and cockiness, they do it every time.  Thank God for Kes.

And thank you again to Lisa for her awesome post!!!

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