Monday, December 10, 2012

Dear NHL, You are Wearing me Out!

Wow, being a hockey fan has been like being on a freakin roller coaster the past week. We heard there was progress and the two sides were getting along then oops…sorry both sides still hate each other. We thought a deal was virtually done...oops, that was actually just another publicity stunt. And then we were subjected to a sudden wave of Fehr-Fanboy tweets from players. UGH, do hockey fans really come across as so stupid that we are expected to just fall for all this PR bullshit? It’s offensive and makes me feel less than warm and fuzzy about the NHL and a lot of my favorite players. Just shut your mouths and get a deal done. I will admit #PodiumWatch was deliriously funny. Obviously hockey fans are to a point of desperation when we manage to turn an entire evening into one giant joke around a podium. Fun times kids, fun times.

But on a happier note Saucer met Mike Modano and Richard Matvichuk this weekend. She even managed to keep it under control around Modano and didn’t act like a complete fool. Pretty sure he still recognized the scent of crazy wafting from her but he didn’t look too frightened so we’ll call it a win!


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