Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jamie Benn - Dallas Stars

In preparation for the upcoming season To occupy myself during the lockout, I am going to feature one player from every team in the NHL. Goalies are excluded because they’re interesting enough to garner a feature of their own so look forward to that as round 2.

#14 Jamie Benn – Dallas Stars – Left Wing

The Past
Jamie Benn grew up in Canada and played hockey from the time he was a wee lad - mostly due to having an older hockey playing brother, Jordie, who also plays for the Stars. Aw, I get a warm fuzzy feeling whenever brothers play together...well only sometimes. Love for the Benns & Schenns, no love for the Sedins & Staals.
Jamie was drafted 129th overall by the Dallas Stars in 2007. Now this pic isn’t from his draft but it’s the puck from his first goal and he looks so darn baby-faced and excited I just can’t pass up putting it in here.

The Love
Jamie Benn is my hometown hero. Yes, yes, Saucer is an Avalanche & Flyers fan but she lives in Dallas and is a Stars season ticket holder so she reserves the right to love Jamie Benn and claim him as her own.

I love that he is adorable and has sick flow…

…but that isn’t all I love about him. Jamie Benn is my favorite Star because he is a really exciting player. This is one of my all time favorite Stars goals.

Need more proof for why you should love Jamie Benn? Check out the video below – who would have guessed a Star would win the accuracy competition???

What? You need one more?  Fine, here you go.

The Hate
I hate when Jamie Benn has facial hair. No, really I do.

I also hate that he is currently playing in Germany.  This picture makes me want to throw up. Do not get injured. Do you hear me? Do not get injured! Come back to Dallas soon, and in one piece!

Let’s Get Scrappy
Jamie Benn likes to throw down and Saucer loves to watch. I’ve picked a few of my favorites for your viewing pleasure. This first video has been on this blog before but it is such a good fight I couldn't pass it up. Iginla's bloody face is insane.

OK, now here is my disclaimer. I love, love, LOVE Erik Johnson. However, the last few seconds of this fight definitely go to Benn and every time I watch it I catch myself cheering for Benn! 

Steve Ott looks so proud of him I can’t help but laugh. Off topic a bit since Ott is now a Sabre, but give him a follow on twitter, he’s really funny - @otterN9NE
We leave this section with the fight below. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a Red Wing get his ass kicked.

Feed the Inner Fangirl/Fanboy 
Oh Jamie Benn…where do I start? He’s cute, he’s a great player, and on occasion he’s funny enough to make me spit soda all over my computer monitor, which is exactly what happened when I read the tweet below.

 (follow him on twitter - @jamiebenn14)

Let’s Mix in Some Swords
Where oh where does Jamie Benn fit in with Game of Thrones? Well as part of a famous brother pair of course! So my favorite brothers on the show are Jaime and Tyrion Lannister and since both Jamie/Jaime are great fighters – plus have the same name – it is a no brainer than Jamie Benn is Jaime Lannister. Apologies in advance if there is a Benn sister out there somewhere. Really, I am sorry!


~ Saucer

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