Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Andrew Ladd - Winnipeg Jets

In preparation for the upcoming season To occupy myself during the lockout, I am going to feature one player from every team in the NHL. Goalies are excluded because they’re interesting enough to garner a feature of their own so look forward to that as round 2.

#16 Andrew Ladd– Winnipeg Jets – Left Wing

The Past
Andrew Ladd is another Canadian boy who used to play for the Blackhawks, once again I feel my Flyer Fan Card being yanked from my fingers. OK, let me back up. He was drafted by Carolina 4th overall in 2004 and played there for a few years before going to Chicago, then on to Atlanta/Winnipeg where he rocks the “C”. He won the Cup with Carolina and with Chicago, both before he turned 25.

Yeah Lavy!! 

The Love
So it’s well established that I love Blackhawks TV and, of course, Blackhawks TV made me fall in love with Ladd. There are about a million things I adore about this video, Ladd’s too-close parking so the guys can barely get their gear out of the back of his truck is great but my favorite part is at lunch. OK, that is a lie. My favorite part is watching Kaner pick up the gloves. My second favorite part is lunch. 

First, they wear their freaking gear inside and that makes me laugh every single time. Crawling over the counter rather than walking around to the side, hilarious! But Ladd is just a good guy; he buys milkshakes for the kids and doesn’t want Versteeg to talk trash about Toews to the kid wearing his jersey. Like he’s worried the kid will be hurt by it since he’s obviously a Toews fan. Watching Ladd as he’s trying to spare the feelings of that kid makes me want to have beautiful, hockey playing, Canadian Ladd-babies.

So maybe he was just nice with the Hawks, right? Nope, he’s still a nice guy, signing autographs for the fans in Winnipeg.

The Hate
Yeah, I have a little hate for Ladd, but it isn’t my typical emotional/irrational hate. This hate is actually founded in logic. Check it out - Andrew Ladd and Ryan Kesler have a long running feud, Kesler even called Ladd a “coward” in an interview. Ryan Kesler is a freaking American treasure and would never lead me astray, so therefore Andrew Ladd must, in fact, be a coward. Fuck, I should be a lawyer with the brilliant logical reasoning I’m throwing down.

So anyway, what started all this Ladd/Kesler nonsense? Check out the super high quality video below.

Yeah, that’s pretty shitty dude. Ryan Kesler is one handsome, funny guy whose nekked picture is saved on every piece of technology I own so please, please stop trying to fight him! 

Let’s Get Scrappy
Because the Ladd/Kesler drama makes me hot in a weird, embarrassing sort of way let’s check out some violent Ladd/Kesler moments.

Damn, that is really, really sexy. 

Feed the Inner Fangirl/Fanboy 
So he’s a cutie and he’s scrappy. I can get past the Kesler drama (somewhat) and admit that I like him. But what is it that pushed me over the edge? The picture below.

Yeah, not your typical fishing with the Cup pic, right? It’s hot and I like it.

Let’s Mix in Some Swords
Andrew Ladd as a Game of Thrones character, hmmmm. Now hear me out before you judge. I believe, without a doubt, Andrew Ladd would be Catelyn Stark. 

Catelyn and Andrew are both likable people who want to do the right thing and are both crazy protective of their children/teammates. Fans relate to both but Saucer has lingering doubt and mistrust for each of them. For Catelyn, it's her meanness toward John Snow. Fuck that Catelyn, it's not John Snow's fault that your husband couldn't keep his dick in his pants. Although Catelyn has many other redeeming qualities, I just can't get past her bitter, nasty, bitchy-face she puts on around John Snow. As for Andrew Ladd, as much as I like him, the Kesler drama is hard to get past. He hast he same bitter, nasty, bitchy-face toward Kesler and it pisses me off. Catelyn & Andrew, quit picking on my boys!

~ Saucer

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