Sunday, September 23, 2012

Brian Campbell - Florida Panthers

In preparation for the upcoming season To occupy myself during the lockout, I am going to feature one player from every team in the NHL. Goalies are excluded because they’re interesting enough to garner a feature of their own so look forward to that as round 2.

#51 Brian Campbell– Florida Panthers – Defense

The Past
Brian Campbell, aka Soupy, is from Canada and currently rocks the “A” for Florida. He was drafted in the 6th round by the Sabres in 1997. He played in Buffalo several years before a very brief, like two month, stint with the Sharks. He then went to Chicago in 2008, won a Cup, and played there until 2011. Last year he was traded to Florida where he played 82 games last season.

The Love
I know my Flyers Fan Card should be taken away for saying this but I have a weird fondness for a lot of current/former Blackhawks and Soupy is one of my favorites. I love him even though he nabbed the assist on Kaner’s goal which crushed the hopes and dreams of Flyers fans everywhere. So needless to say I was thrilled when he won the Lady Byng at the 2012 NHL Awards. He’s a freaking defenseman and he won the Lady Byng. How often does that happen? Well, prior to Soupy’s win this year the last time a defenseman won was Red Kelly in 1951. While all of the awards are great, I’ve always considered the Lady Byng to be the most important. It isn’t about having an awesome season, or scoring a bunch of points, the Lady Byng is about being a gentleman, a good freakin person, a respectable player, and that means a lot.

The Hate
While this wasn’t a cheap shot, I need to put something under The Hate section so I’m going for the Campbell hit on Umberger back in the 1st round of the playoffs in 2006. I really love Umberger and it was freakin scary how dazed he looked after this hit.

Let’s Get Scrappy
Below is Soupy’s lone NHL fight. Big surprise, it’s with Umberger.  It makes sense that if Soupy would get into a fight with anyone, it would be him. But remember, he’s our Lady Byng winner so it wouldn’t be a surprise if this ends up being his only NHL fight ever.

Feed the Inner Fangirl/Fanboy 
So maybe Saucer has a weird fondness for Blackhawks players. Maybe she’s also watched pretty much everything Blackhawks TV has ever done. And definitely she considers Joey the Jr. Reporter to be the most adorable little boy in the world. Although I shouldn’t, I totally judge people based on how they interact with kids and Soupy was always great with Joey.

Aw, and watching Joey interview Soupy at the All Star game last year was the cutest EVER. First, Soupy is hilarious discussing his “beach body” so that was already a win but he actually looks sad saying goodbye to Joey. Aw…..

It's amazing how often I manage to sneak Patrick Kane videos into these posts...

Let’s Mix in Some Swords
Campbell is so likable I naturally want him to be a Stark, but he has to be the ultimate Stark. He needs to be the Lady Byng of the Starks. So of course, Brian Campbell = Ned Stark. Ned is the ultimate good guy. He believes in truth, honor,  and protecting one’s family. Even though he is no longer a Blackhawk, Campbell still hangs out with his old teammates, like Ned he never gives up on his friends.

~ Saucer

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  1. Saucer, this post is great..let's hope Soupy isn't quite as trusting as Ned. Don't want to see him lose his head!