Thursday, August 9, 2012

Brian Boyle - New York Rangers

In preparation for the upcoming season I am going to feature one player from every team in the NHL. Goalies are excluded because they’re interesting enough to garner a feature of their own so look forward to that as round 2.

#22 Brian Boyle – New York Rangers – Center

The Past
Brian Boyle, my first profile on an American and he is one man I love to hate. It’s really not anything personal against Boyle but I hate all the Rangers except Lundqvist who is so beautiful, seriously how could anyone hate him? Swoon! Focus Saucer, back to Boyle!

Ok, he was drafted 23rd overall in 2003 by the LA Kings and played at Boston College, then had a few years with the Kings before being traded to the Rangers in 2009.

Thank you, thank you to whoever took the draft picture below. Damn Boyle, you are so tall and so young.  And look at adorable little Dustin Brown on the right, awwwww!

The Love
So I want to make fun of Boyle for this video, I really do, but he is so awkward and unsure of himself in it that there is only love. Ok wait, there is hate here too but it’s me hating myself for thinking this is sweet. Yuck!

Boyle is another player from the first You Can Play Video and I will always think he is pretty awesome because of that. Although I’ll admit the first several times I saw this video I was so distracted by how hot Duncan Keith looks that I must have had some sort of black out and I didn’t even notice Boyle.  But what do you know, there he is!

The Hate
Being a Flyers fan I definitely have some hate for Boyle.  He gets into a fair number of fights against Flyers players but since he usually gets his ass handed to him I should love this about him.

Let’s Get Scrappy
Boyle isn’t a huge fighter but doesn’t back down when provoked, even when he clearly should. Can I get a “Fuck Yeah Wayne Simmonds” for the fight below???

Oh, and another Flyers fight? Jody Shelley kicks his ass in this one and I freakin love it.

But seriously, for a dude who is 6’7” he doesn’t really win many fights. He usually just tries to use his freakishly long arms to hold the opposing player out of reach. Lame Boyle, lame.

Feed the Inner Fangirl/Fanboy 

I feel like I’m entering a fangirl confessional as I admit there is a tiny part of me who swoons for him. In part because he’s American but the other part is because of his adorable bromance with Brandon Prust. But sadly this is another broken bromance since Prust has signed with Montreal and is no longer a Ranger.  This makes me feel sad for Boyle but happy for myself since it has created a huge wave of wonderful Boyle/Prust fanfiction for my reading pleasure (don’t judge if you haven’t read any because it’s freakin hot).

I will leave you with one final video. I really want to make fun of them and call them douches for this handshake but in all honesty I think it is cute and totally something Beddee and I would do. Damn you for making me like you Brian Boyle, damn you.

~ Saucer

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