Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Peek into the Nonsense that is Saucer's Life

So last night Saucer and her child, I know it’s shocking that Saucer has a child – calm down, were watching hockey. It was a typical night in the Saucer household, when this conversation happened:

‘Lil Saucer: Mommy, can Patrick come over for a sleepover?
Saucer: *racking her brain for which kid in her class is named Patrick* Well, probably not. You’re too young for sleepovers and I don’t know Patrick’s parents.
‘Lil Saucer: But Mommy, I really want to hang out with Patrick.
Saucer: OK, Patrick can come over for a play date. What’s his last name? I’ll get his mommy’s email address from the school.
‘Lil Saucer: Kane, duh Mommy. Patrick Kane…#88.
Saucer: If Kaner is coming to this house for a play date it’s with Mommy, not you. Sorry ‘Lil Saucer!
‘Lil Saucer: Mommy, he wouldn’t want to play with you! He would want to play with me!
Saucer: You do understand that Patrick Kane is an adult, right?
‘Lil Saucer: No he’s not! He’s a kid, like me. Look how tiny he is compared to everyone else on the ice.
Saucer: He’s not that tiny!
‘Lil Saucer: *raises her eyebrows and shoots Saucer a look*

This explains SO MUCH about ‘Lil Saucer’s obsession with Patrick Kane! I always thought my ridiculous fangirling had somehow been passed on to my offspring and she was destined to be as crazy as I am. But no, she just thinks Patrick Kane is a child! I cannot describe the relief which passed over me at that moment. Well, relief mixed with annoyance. He is not tiny! My kid weighs like 30 pounds. Where does she get off saying Patrick is tiny??

So anyway, let's take a moment and watch the ridiculously filthy pass from Jonathan Toews to Patrick Kane for his first goal (of two) last night. It's all fun to watch but Kaner's goal is around the 1:00 mark.

But don’t worry Kaner, Saucer knows you aren’t a little kid and you are most definitely invited over for a sleepover any time.


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